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How we met in our own words!

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Lyndsie and I knew of each throughout our time in college, but we never really talked at all. We really first met in the fall of 2020 while at, what we called, the “boat”. We actually got introduced to each other by a couple of friends and both of us are shy at first, so neither of us asked each other for their number or Snapchat. Finally, our friends gave us each other's Snapchat and we started talking that way. We talked through Snapchat for a while and then we finally went out with a bunch of friends to a bar in Anderson. Of course, we didn’t say a word to each other most of the night until Lyndsie got dared to come over and kiss me. She was too shy to do it and I had heard of it, so with the help of some liquid courage, I went over to her and helped her fulfill the dare.

The next day, I had baseball practice in the morning and was going to see my brother at college in Illinois, so I wasn’t going to be on my phone a whole lot. With that, she got mad that I didn’t talk to her and was freaking out to her friends that I didn’t like her and this other stuff. At this point, we weren’t sure where this was going to go, until one night the next week, me and my best friend Jackson went over to her apartment to watch a movie. About 30 minutes into the movie, he decides to leave and leaves us two alone. We sat in silence while watching the rest of the movie. After the movie was over, we finally broke the ice and just started talking. We ended up talking up until it was 4 in the morning. That’s when things really started to get serious between us and we started to hang out more and more.

Over the next few weeks, we had gotten to know each other pretty well, and I was basically living with Lynds at this point because it was closer to school and practice for me, and she was basically living alone, so I tried to keep her company as much as possible. For a while, I had been wanting to ask her to be my girlfriend, but I just couldn’t spit it out the right way that she wanted me to. Finally, we went to a Halloween party in Lebanon and that night I finally got the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend. She thought I wouldn’t remember because we might have been drinking that night but I remembered every bit of it. From that point on, we basically lived together and were always doing stuff together, whether it would be bowling or going out to eat, we were always doing something.

We both graduated in May of 2021 and from then we moved to Noblesville, as she was still working in Muncie. In the fall, we had been talking about rings and what she would like and we actually went to Shane Co. and she was able to design a ring that she loved. It was perfect timing because she had gone on a trip to Florida, so I was able to get the ring over that week. It took me a little while before I asked her and the main reason being was because I didn’t know how to ask her. Side note here, I was actually golfing with one of my friends, Thomas, and he was the first friend that I had told other than my family about it and I didn’t necessarily tell him because my hiding spot for the ring was in my golf bag and he spotted it in there.

But, finally one night, something hit me and I was like, you know what I’m going to do it tonight and just surprise the best I can. We were about to make dinner and it was walking taco night, so we needed stuff from the store and I volunteered to go because I knew it would give me some time to get flowers and to just prepare what I was going to say. So, I got back and we ate but I told her that I had a surprise for her when we got done. I went out to the car, got the flowers and told her that she had to close her eyes for the next part, and when she opened her eyes, I was down on one knee asking her to marry me. Was it the most romantic thing in the world, no, but I enjoyed every second of it and was just glad that she said yes. Now, we live back closer to home in Brownsburg with the best pup ever, Rizzo (named after the former Cubs player).

Jonathan and I knew of each other for most of college but didn’t really know each other. We had a lot of mutual friends with us both being apart of the baseball and softball team. He lived at the boat when I first started hanging out there but we still never talked. I was at a party one night when I was asked what I thought about him and he was asked the same thing about me. His response was “Ask me when I’m sober.” Which I can respect, but naturally I immediately thought its a no. He was given my Snapchat and I was given his and dared by my friends to snap chat him. So I did.

We started talking through snapchat but we didn’t really talk a lot. Two weekends later we went to the flyover in Anderson with a big group of our friends. Everyone knew that we had been talking and did, in fact, dare me to kiss him. But I’m a little shy so I avoided it at all costs. I wouldn’t really talk to him until my friends told him about the dare and he did eventually kiss me that night.

The next day he had baseball and I had softball and then had to work. He didn’t talk to me all day. Apparently he went to visit his brother at college in Illinois right after practice and wasn’t able to text me during the drive. He eventually Snapped me back and said that he had been driving and wasn’t ignoring me. So I guess I forgave him. A couple days later some friends of ours talked me into having him over that night to hangout and watch a movie together. So the four of us started watching a movie, but they left after an hour; leaving the two most socially awkward people alone to finish the movie and somehow have a conversation. I was PANICKING. Once the movie was over we somehow started a conversation that lasted until 4 in the morning when he decided he needed to go home especially because we both had class and practice that day.

We talked more throughout the week and we were still pretty awkward when we would hang out with our friends. We would go out almost every weekend with our friends and we started hanging out more and more on our own. We would get Mexican at least 3 times a week, which quickly got very old. He started hanging out more and more at my apartment because it was closer to campus where he had practice everyday, and he lived by himself on the other side of Anderson. October came around and we were together almost every chance we got. We got along so well and just enjoyed each other's company.

One night when Jonathan was over, he asked if I “wanted to put a stamp on it”. I knew what he was asking but played dumb because I wanted him to actually ask me to be his girlfriend. So about a week later after being at a Halloween party in Lebanon, he asked if I would officially be his girlfriend. I said yes but I wasn’t sure if he would remember in the morning. But to my surprise he did. We basically lived together from then on. It was nice because I basically lived by myself in my apartment and there was really no point in him traveling across Anderson everyday especially when most of his classes were online anyways.

We both graduated in May 2021 and moved together to Noblesville and after a few months living there he asked me to marry him at the front door of our apartment. I had a feeling he was going to ask because he offered to go to the store for me and came back and said that after dinner he had a surprise for me. He brought home flowers and proposed. Everything was perfect. We now have a perfect pup named Rizzo and enjoy our time together and with our families.